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for improving
mental well-being.

Mental health plays a significant role in everyone's efforts to be healthier. A whole-person approach is critical to improving mental well-being.

Make mental well-being top of mind.

Today, mental well-being is part of every health-related conversation. When we’re not okay emotionally, it’s hard to reach even the most basic health goals. Find out what you can do to help improve the mental well-being of your people.

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The right questions hold all the answers.

When it comes to employee mental health, asking the right questions leads to the right answers. Download ten key questions you should be asking today.

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Hear from leading experts, Jason Doescher, MD, and Leslie Helou, PharmD, as they discuss the current state of employee mental health, and the groundbreaking progress being made today at MOBE to address many of your biggest employee population health challenges.

Overcoming anxiety and worry: Lisa’s story.

Lisa was a worrier in general, and after surviving breast cancer she really feared its recurrence. See how her MOBE Guide was a valuable resource for implementing changes, quieting her mind, and improving her life overall.

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