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Cassie’s Story: Finding Happiness, Gratitude, and Love of Life

Cassie was under so much stress at work and home that she felt like a living ball of tension, unable to be the kind of person and mother she wanted to be. Trying to manage the added challenge of fibromyalgia compounded her struggle.

Always ready for the other shoe to drop.

Fibromyalgia meant the more mental stress Cassie was under, the more physical pain she experienced. She felt lost searching for ways to alleviate the constant cloud of stress and pain. “My whole body was always in that fight or flight mode,” she said.

Cassie found that a monthly massage helped as a temporary relief. But massages weren’t covered by her health insurance, and those monthly visits quickly added up. It wasn’t unusual for her to spend more than $20,000 a year on treatments and supplements. Yet, none of the strategies she tried were successful in offering long-term relief. The never-ending pain and stress started to take a toll on her work and personal relationships.

A leap of faith to an unexpected relationship.

Cassie never seemed to find the time to focus on herself until she connected with her MOBE Guide TK. The experience was eye-opening, and she gained a relationship that made a life-altering difference.

“TK helped me find tools that got me through my daily life, that helped me wrap my mind around everything that was happening to me—what I was doing to myself,” she said. With TK’s help, Cassie found methods of coping with the daily struggles she encountered. She would leave her conversations with TK feeling better, more confident, and with a sense of direction.

Instead of me just rummaging through my life with my head down, I now feel like I’m participating in it.

The lines of communication have opened.

Before MOBE, it was hard for Cassie to have difficult conversations with the people in her life. She can now navigate through these conversations by expressing her feelings and struggles without reaching her breaking point. She’s developed boundaries and is making sure that she’s looking out for her own well-being. “I just got used to handling everything all the time,” Cassie said. “Now I’m able to put things into a better perspective.”

From reactive to proactive thinking.

Shifting perspective enabled Cassie to gain control in other areas of her life as well. With support from TK, she stopped eating fast food and regularly preps nutritious meals instead. She’s more conscious about the choices she makes, like looking for small ways to add exercise to her daily routine. And her sleep has improved significantly as she’s no longer tossing and turning from thinking about things she can’t control.

“That’s been probably my biggest saving grace this year, leaving all the things I can’t change where they need to be, which is off to the side, and only focusing on what I need to deal with at this moment,” Cassie said. She’s discovered that by focusing on her health, she can continue to do her job effectively, provide for her son, and be the mother she always hoped to be—one who’s happy and present.

Cassie’s shift from reactive to proactive thinking has worked wonders for her fibromyalgia. A life with fibromyalgia is a life of planning, and by respecting her limits and setting boundaries for herself, Cassie has reduced her body aches by 90%. She’s feeling so much better that she only stayed home from work due to pain for seven days this year—compared to 21 the year before. Plus, this year, she only spent $150 on alternative medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

Less stress, less pain, and loving her life.

TK guided Cassie to self-reflect and decide what she wanted for her life and then helped her uncover ways to have the life she wanted. Cassie came to terms with the diminishing self-talk she was doing, and TK not only helped her stay on track with goals, but she convinced Cassie to see herself as worthy of help.

As Cassie reduced stress in her life and began to eat and sleep better, her pain lessened—and her entire outlook improved. She’s more present. Her family and coworkers have noticed the remarkable difference.

My coworkers are like, ‘Gosh Cassie, are you in love? What’s going on? You’re in a really great mood!’ And I’m like, ‘Isn’t life beautiful?’ I look at my life, and I’m really grateful that I have everything in it, the way that it is. And my relationships are solid.

“MOBE means an avenue for grace and forgiveness,” she said. “It means an opportunity to be my best self. It means that there’s somebody out there who cares.”

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